The Company was started in 1993 by a local family; two brothers, Chris and Keith Pierce, who remain the current Owners and General Managers. The small business which started as a graphic advertisement provider quickly grew into a full-service vinyl and graphic company, providing products to different customers and industries. In 1994, the Owners increased their product lines by purchasing and developing a screen-printing department with direct mail catalogs targeting real estate agents nationwide for the sale of real estate yard signs. Around this same time, another local business provided an avenue for manufacturing awnings for a national restaurant chain. This new venture quickly grew from one customer, one product to several customers, increasing our number of employees from 5 to 20 by 1997. With the experience, skilled labor, and opportunities, the Company realized a market niche causing expansion into manufacturing large signage products, which were not readily available from a single supplier. Customers requiring reimaging needs were required to purchase products from several different suppliers, depending on the products. Most suppliers focused on one or two products, such as awnings, channel letters, pylons, and a completely different supplier for the installation of products. Over the next 10 years, the Company was introduced to McAlister’s Deli and Restaurant Franchisee Owners and began providing a complete signage package for this customer. Experience and business relationships developed allowing partnerships with other National, Corporate Accounts, including retail businesses, providing annual revenue increases, of as much as 50%, with the Company doubling in size from 2002 to 2005. Our Company quickly realized an obvious opportunity to provide customers with a complete “One-Source” supplier approach for all signage, branding, and construction needs. As a result, the Owners began the colossal task of recruiting additional, high-skilled, and passionate candidates to develop a complete project management team, with a “professional and structured” approach to business. The Company focused on operational procedures and processes, training, and in return experienced opportunistic growth and support of customers and clients from different markets, industries, and areas nationwide.

The Company operated in several locations from 1993 to 2003, moving into larger offices and facilities to accommodate growth. In 2003, the Company purchased a 193,000 square feet facility which served as its headquarters office for administration, manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics. By 2016 the Company began struggling to keep up with growing customer demand due to space constrictions, primarily for manufacturing and material warehousing and staging of products prior to delivery. Additionally, a long-term business partner opened up the possibility of a new revenue source in commercial construction. The Company realized with the first construction projects that substantially more space would be necessary. The search for a new location began in 2017 and included buildings and properties in Western Kentucky, North Mississippi, Southeast Arkansas as well as Tennessee. The most promising existing building and property was located in McNairy County, which borders Hardin County, only 12 miles of the current facility. By remaining within driving distance, this property would help retain tenured employees as well as provide a broader recruiting range for future employment opportunities. However, after months of research, inspection, and negotiations, it was clear that this property was not the best choice. After careful reflection, the Owners agreed that the Company should remain within Hardin County. Hardin County had supported the Company during growth and expansions, providing irreplaceable banking partners, dependable vendors and suppliers, and the best employees anywhere in the State of TN. The decision was made to purchase land and build a new facility and the work began.