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Project Management

Project Management begins in the early planning stages, even before construction begins. Our staff communicates with owners, contractors, leasing agents, electricians, code officials, and other project administrators involved to see that your project is successfully completed in a timely manner. Our project managers will begin conceptual drawings, from our Graphics Department, with all the elements that you want to incorporate into your image. Once the conceptual stage is complete, the process of approvals will begin. Approvals that must be obtained before installation may include all or some of the following: county, city, leasers, and owner approvals. Collecting approvals and permits can take a few weeks to complete depending on the cooperation of officials involved. After this stage is complete, production will begin.

Graphic Design

From Concept Drawings to Logo Design, Design Team has a team of Graphic Artists to create the image our clients desire for almost any project from Channel Letters to Wall Murals.  Our “Total Package Concept”, includes maintaining a group of graphic artists who create graphics, logo design, and concept drawings for presentation to our clients once they have decided to make a new installation, re-image a current location, or make a complete transition for a new look. Our clients are personally involved in every facet of their product designs from the conceptual design stage to the final plans and actual production. Each client will review a proof of design and accept or make changes according to his or her individual needs.


We can help you maximize your project from start to finish. We can help guide you through the entire product development process. From concept design and engineering through brand identity, manufacturing and marketing, delivery, and installation. We are much more than just your engineering resource.


Our crews of professionally trained installation personal have the experience and equipment to install your new signage promptly and with minimal inconvenience.


From replacing a lamp to a sign face, a preventative maintenance program can save you money in several ways, including extended sign life, and better-looking sign image, and unfortunately, the longer you wait to repair a sign, the more costly the repairs get.

Total Identity Solutions

Use site signs, monument signs, or channel letters to identify your location. Use traffic control signs to help vehicles flow through your parking area. Add office directories and way-finding signs to help your visitors find their destination. Use wall graphics, dimensional letters, and digital displays as interior decor. Our experienced graphic designers can create a custom design from the ground up. Plus, we handle all the details — from surveys and permitting to installation for complete visual communications project planning.