Our Mission

Our Mission is to be the industry-leader in quality, diversification, and value for custom, turn-key signage, branding, and services throughout the United States.

Our Core Belief

At Design Team we believe that faith and family should be first in our lives. Work comes after faith and family. We believe in serving our community and supporting our great Nation. We believe that every business decision should be made with honesty, integrity, and the highest ethical standard. We respect our position as a leader in the signage and branding industry and acknowledge that our success comes from the hard work, skill, and passion of our employees – our greatest asset. At Design Team we believe that faith and family should be first in our lives. Work comes after faith and family.

We believe in serving our community and supporting our great Nation. We believe that every business decision should be made with honesty, integrity, and the highest ethical standard. We respect our position as a leader in the signage and branding industry and acknowledge that our success comes from the hard work, skill, and passion of our employees – our greatest asset.


At Design Team we are always looking for dedicated individuals who are passionate about their work and desire to be part of a great team. We offer a safe, drug-free workplace and provide our employees with industry-leading technology, state-of-the-art machinery, and equipment with competitive pay and excellent benefits. Open positions are posted on social media sites or you can contact our headquarters office for more information.

Sales: Front-line representatives who establish and retain customers by building professional relationships with key personnel. Depending on position, salespersons may lead nationwide sales team members to achieve sales targets and develop effective sales strategies, with an excellent understanding of signage and branding products and services. Salespersons prepare quotes using ERP software, work with our graphic artist to create product and project designs based on customer requests and work with estimating for customer, brand, and project pricing while ensuring customer approval and permitting requirements.

Positions: National Salesperson, Regional Salesperson, Retail Salesperson, Local Salesperson, and Real Estate Salesperson. 

Project Management: Project Managers (PMs) work in a fast-paced environment, juggling multiple sales orders, in different phases of the process while addressing constant changes due to multiple factors. Our PMs work closely with sales, graphics, CADs, manufacturing, logistics, and installation (hiring subcontractors), from project start to billing. PMs have strong written and verbal communication skills, excellent computer skills including knowledge of ERP software, MS Office, ability to understand SolidWorks and AutoCAD drawings, and passion to complete each project on time, with customer satisfaction, and profit.

Positions: Project Manager – Level I, II, III (Senior PM), and PM Team Leader for Corporate Accounts, Director of Project Management.

Graphic Design Artist: Graphic design artists have visualization and design-software skills for businesses, brands, and building types for signage and branding products. This position requires a working knowledge of CorelDraw, Photoshop, and other design software for the sign industry. Graphic artists must have the talent to design industry trends, while accepting the responsibility of meeting customer specifications for each product, site, and permitting allowances, for accurate manufacturing, materials, lighting, and fabrication requirements.

Positions: Graphic Design Artist I, II, III (Senior Designer), Graphics Manager

Commercial Driver:  Operator of semi-truck and trailer to transport company sign products, materials, and parts to project sites. The position requires a Class A CDL (commercial driver’s license)and a minimum of one (1) year of experience driving semi-truck and trailers, dually and heavy trucks (local deliveries), and multiple-size trailers. Drivers must maintain a medical certification (medical card) and comply with Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association rules and regulations, including Drug & Alcohol policy compliance.

Installer Helper/Installer/Master Installer:  Installers usually travel as 2 person teams to project sites with tools, hardware, and miscellaneous materials, in a company-owned bucket truck (or use a rental lift onsite), usually requiring Endorsement F or Commercial Driver’s License. At the site, installers unload products from trailers, prepare the site, remove old signage, inspect buildings or structures for new signage, install new signs and products, and make electrical connections. Installers must maintain necessary communication with Project Managers; complete and submit completion forms, completion photos, and travel expenses using a company-provided debit card, IFTA, project site permits, travel logs/ELD, vehicle and crane inspections, and timecards. Clear debris and remove old products, materials, and trash from the site.

Construction Installer: Installers usually travel as 2 person teams to project sites with tools, hardware, and necessary materials based on project requirements, in a company-owned vehicle. For each project, construction installers will unload products and materials from delivery trailers, review site plans, architectural and site drawings to confirm product installation, work with general contractors to confirm installation location and install tile, flooring, ceiling tile, lighting, countertops, backsplashes, custom millwork, and food-service products and materials, and electrical connections based on site, instructions, architectural and graphic concept drawings. Construction Installers communicate as necessary with the company construction manager or superintendent and Project Managers; complete and submit work completion forms and photos, travel expenses, logs/ELD, and timecard records as applicable, following all construction site safety and permit requirements. Clear debris and remove the old products (if applicable), construction materials, and debris from the site.

Construction Superintendent:  This position manages and monitors construction projects from planning to completion, including preparing new estimates, budgets, and scheduling. This position works closely with the general contractor and subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers to meet project timelines. Superintendents supervise department employees and must have strong leadership and communication skills to collaborate with builders, suppliers, workers, architects, engineers, and subcontractors, setting performance goals and deadlines. Position travels to project sites to review work, confirm projects are on a budget, prepare and submit project progress reports, schedule and appear for site inspections and obtain permits from local authorities, and ensures each job site remains safe, clean, and orderly.

CAD Operators/Engineering/CNC Programmer: CAD (computer-aided design) operators and CNC Programmers use 2D and 3D software such as SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and systems like Enroute and similar software to create drawings for shop floor and site installation based on project demands. CAD operators combine information, dimensions, and specifications from graphic drawings, brand and customer specifications, site surveys, permitting, and building code requirements to create drawings for fabrication, electrical, CNC routing, thermoforming (faces), and manufacturing departments.

Positions: CAD Operator, CAD Drafter/Designer, Senior CAD Engineer

Purchasing: Purchasing positions require strong relationships with vendors and suppliers of signage materials, parts, and products. Purchasing employees negotiate material and parts pricing and contracts as needed and plans strategically based on economy and industry changes. The position requires the ability to develop and implement budget strategies based on historical and future usages, and exceptional computer skills including ERP/MRP software for processing purchase orders and delivery to vendors and suppliers. Purchasing places orders, and confirms receipt while working with sales, project management, and production teams to meet customer, brand, and project demands.

Positions: Purchasing Manager, Buyer, Jr Buyer, Building and Grounds Maintenance

Estimating/BOM Specialist/Cost Accountant: These positions work directly with management and sales to analyze projects to determine estimation strategy, fabrication techniques, margin goals, and potential value engineering options. Estimators and BOM specialists develop bills of materials using ERP software using architectural drawings, site plans and surveys, and product specifications based on each project, brand, or customer. Positions require a high level of competence using MS Excel, Word, and Estimating software as well as a strong understanding of signage and branding products and architectural building products and installation.

Positions: Estimator, Senior Estimator, BOM Specialist, Cost Accountant, Senior Cost Accountant  

Other administrative positions include Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable/Accounting & Finance Manager, Payroll Administrator, Human Resources Specialist/Manager, Safety Manager, Operations Manager, Quality Control Technician/Manager, IT Apprentice/Technician/Manager.


Application Technician – Print, cut, and apply vinyl to signs.

Channel Letter Operator – Operate channel letter bender, weld, or clinch metal to form letters.

CNC Router Operator – Load and unload substrates from CNC machinery, and select programs and materials to be used.

Digital Graphics Technician – Operate large flat-bed printers by selecting and preparing files for print.

Sign Electrician – Preparing, and selecting electrical components and wiring signs based on product specifications.

Fabricator/Master Fabricator– Aluminum MIG welder fabricator using shop floor drawings to develop cut lists and fabricate signs and products.

Faces – Paint & Cut/Faces Builder/Thermoformer – Prepare molds for sign faces, thermoforming plastic using molds and ovens; masking, painting, and cutting faces to apply paint colors per product specifications.

Final/Trim/Stretch Technician – Complete final assemblies and attachments for signs and products; install faces and cabinet retainers; stretch awnings and custom products based on material specifications.

Spray Painter/Powder Coat Technician – Use automotive paint systems and applications to spray paint signs and products; operate power coating equipment using powder specifications for each product.

Logistics Loader/Planner/Manager – Schedule, stage, plan, and manage loads based on orders, due dates, products, and available trucks and trailers; use multiple shipping methods and carriers for transportation of company products, including Fed Ex, UPS, LTL, and company-owned semis and trailers.

Woodworking/Millwork Manager – Carpentry and millwork skills using woodworking equipment and machinery to manufacture custom wood products and develop standard products for brands/customers/industries. Millwork Manager has experience in the management of millwork operations, including recruiting, interviewing, and managing of team. Has ability and experience to estimate materials, labor, and hardware for custom products and projects, knowledge of ERP system, familiar with MS Excel, and other systems for calculating costs.

Other manufacturing positions include Vehicle Maintenance Technician/Senior Technician/Manager, Building and Property Maintenance Apprentice/Manager, General Floater (production), and Materials Handler.