Taco John’s

For the last 21 years, Design Team Sign Company has specialized in Taco John’s exterior remodel program and new store exterior implementation. Design Team has enjoyed a long and prosperous partnership with Taco John’s Incorporated. Dating back to 2002 with leadership at TJI such as Kathy Diamond, Jim Nichols, and Paul Fishkeller, Design Team helped remodel or build the new exterior design concept of that day in over 300 of the then 400 Taco John’s locations. Since 2020, Design Team has helped to complete numerous Taco John’s exterior remodels and new stores. 

Design Team is a full-Service Sign, Awning, Decor, and Corporate Identity Source that emphasizes the restaurant and retail chains where branding and corporate identity are crucial.  

For Taco John’s, our services include Site Investigations, Surveys, Code Checks, Project Management, Installations, Wall Signs, Pylons, Monuments, Canopies, Awnings, Electronic Message Centers, LED Borders, Custom Structures, Blade Signs, Decor, and ACM Facades. We are a National Imaging Company Servicing the US. We also have a company-owned trucking fleet to keep delivery prices competitive.  

Our primary salesperson for the Taco John’s remodel program and new store implementation is Shannon Phillips and he can be contacted at +1 (731) 438-7331. We look forward to working with you on an upcoming project.